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At CFS, we offer exciting events & lectures to help keep you centered, balanced, rejuvenated and elevated!


Special Events

Come join us for a variety of special events created by Centripetal Force Studio to foster a centered body & mind, a rejuvenated energy and an elevated spirit!

special events

Energy Therapy Night

Come rebalance your energy fields so you can feel cleansed, centered and rejuvenated. No charges, no fees. Your presence is a gift to yourself!

Energy Therapy Night

Uprising Retreat

Join us at various locations in Southern California where we confront unfinished business, address deep emotional roots, cleanse lower vibrating emotions so you can find passion, purpose and joy in life. Let's Rise!

Uprising Retreat

Braincore Clinic

Join us for our seasonal Braincore Clinics where we physically assess your child’s posture, core strength, coordination, balance and other motor skills to prepare them for academic success! We believe body homework is crucial for them to fully thrive, so they will take home invaluable information that they can continue to apply in their everyday lives!  Sponsored by our sister organization, the Empowered Health Foundation.

Special Events Braincore Clinic

Guest Lectures- Let's get together and chat!

Topics include:

  • Energy Anatomy
  • Archetypes
  • Emotions & The Body
  • Pelvic Health
  • Vestibular Health
  • The Energy Body & Addiction
  • The Energy Body & Autism
  • The Energy Body & Cancer
Table Setting where Guest Lectures take place

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